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All the Orders involved in  CoBDO have a common principle:

The overriding principle which  unites the various druid orders that make up the Council of  British Druid Orders, is the belief and determination that we  are all part of the process of the rekindling, in the  21stCentury, of an ancient national nature religion.

Some other groups seek to shun  public work, and the responsibility of engaging with all  members of the public at the traditional seasonal festival  occasions, but we in CoBDO believe that it is time to take  druidry out of its private cult status, and its "invitation  only" ethos, and put it back where it truly belongs, as free  and open participation for all at our ancient  national shrines.

CoBDO and the Charities  Commission
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And whilst some sections of the  druid community charge money for information available in any  library or on the internet, in the form of correspondence courses,  we ask "would you pay money to become a christian?" and maintain  that the only way you will ever learn to become a druid, and take on  the responsibilities involved in becoming real druids in the real  world, is by joining in with other druids in the field and learning  to work with the public. Anything less, is private, not public.

Caesar and other Roman writers told  how, under roman occupation, druids had been forced to abandon their  national temples, and "perform ceremonies in the depths of the  forests." Those days are long gone. Now we are back where we belong  once more. In our temples of stone, like the proto-druidic megalith  builders of old.

© Rollo Maughfling,  Stonehenge Officer, Samhain 2007.

Please Note
I would like to make it clear that these opinions do not apply to all correspondence courses and we recognise the valuable work that certain of the druidic teaching schools do, by means of systematic tuition, to provide education in practical druid matters, history, philosophy, poetry and the arts, etc; and intense personal teaching is time-consuming, and makes the course fee valid; I only really mean to say, that public druidry requires getting out there in sacred landscape and making druidry a living example to all who have an interest, not making celebration and ceremony a purely “in-house” affair only.

The Council of British Druid Orders, CoBDO, would like to recommend one of our initial co-founders, who at present is not a member, the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, OBOD, as our correspondence course of choice, to those who feel that they need to learn more about druidry, but are not necessarily ready to embark on “fieldwork” to begin with.

Here is a link to their site if you would prefer to follow “the quieter way.” OBOD

Rollo Maughfling. Archdruid of Stonehenge & Britain.


A Spiritual message  from Stonehenge 2012---- The Rebirth of Care.

The ancient Mayan calendar has attracted attention around the  world and interestingly, the moment of its conclusion occurs at precisely 11.11  am on the morning of Friday 21st December 2012. This coincides  exactly with when the sun, as seen from earth in its annual cycle, marks the  winter solstice, a time zone fact peculiar to Stonehenge, a five thousand year  old stellar observatory.

We the Druids and people of Stonehenge welcome this supreme  co-incidence, because not only is it a time for the renewal of this ancient  mayan calendrical device, but it coincides for us, with the entry of the sun,  moon, and planets, in their 25,920 year precessional course around the zodiac,  into the much heralded sign of Aquarius, where they will stay for the next 2160  years, which constitutes a so called aeon or age.

The start of a universal new aeon, or zodiacal great month, has  always been seen by cultures around the world as a time of renewal, and  re-appraisal, when we, humanity, have another chance to fight off the evils of  hatred, greed, warfare and starvation.

Hence we have called our ceremony and celebrations today, “The  Rebirth of Care”, calling, in the name of peace and love, for the return of the  influence in the human psyche of the ancient greek goddess Charis, (Celtic pron.  Karis) whose name means Care, in the highest sense, of care for both planet and  people, as well as charity towards all good causes. May she revolutionise our  attitudes and our behaviour, and bring true civilisation, at last, to planet  earth.

Rollo Maughfling

Stonehenge Officer

Council of British Druid Orders (CoBDO).

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